The Beacon Center is a shared office space for professionals providing services for individuals and families facing uncertainty in their lives. The Beacon Center currently offers counseling/psychotherapy services for individuals and families, family and business mediation, and acupuncture. Each professional is independently licensed and insured and schedules appointments via the corresponding link on the services page. We are located in the Bay Hills Plaza professional suite 211, Arnold, Maryland.

Our Mission

The essence of our work is to provide a welcoming and respectful environment for individuals of all ages and their families, by offering services that support them as they navigate through their respective difficulties.

The Founders

Meeting as students at Syracuse University while pursuing their Masters degrees, Monette Goodridge and Amber Lassally recognized that they share a common appreciation for the value of the family system. Amber and Monette envisioned a place where individuals and their families could connect during difficult times to have their needs met using a whole person concept. They established The Beacon Center after relocating to Maryland to fulfill this vision of offering family services. Amber Lassally, LCSW-C, provides mental health counseling for individuals and families, and Monette Goodridge, LMSW, provides family conflict resolution and mediation. They are pleased to welcome other professionals to the center to support their concept of providing direction and hope when facing uncertainty. 


Phone: 410-919-4904
Email: ClientInfo@TheBeaconCenterLLC.com


1298 Bay Dale Dr

Suite 211

Arnold, MD 21012

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