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Alysia Sierra, Psy.D.

 Dr. Alysia Sierra has been a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist in the State of Maryland for almost 10 years. Alysia truly understands and empathizes with what it's like to struggle with stress, worry, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, perfectionism, performance anxiety, fear, anger, relationship problems, and many other feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that get in the way of true happiness and contentment.


Therapy always begins by creating a safe and collaborative space where you can be you without fearing judgment. Alysia uses techniques from several therapeutic modalities to bring awareness and insight into how the totality of your lived experience have brought you here to this moment. She will help you understand the stories that your mind and body are telling and to befriend the thoughts, emotions, and physiological reactions that have previously been the enemy.


Alysia primarily uses a relational psychodynamic approach integrated with trauma-sensitive mindfulness-based techniques, IFS/inner parts work, and motivational interviewing. CBT, DBT, family systems, and other approaches are integrated when helpful.


Alysia is also a mindfulness meditation teacher and offers insight meditation classes, workshops, and private instruction to anyone curious or interested in how these practices can help free them from unnecessary suffering. 


Alysia is PSYPACT certified and can see anyone via telehealth in one of the 39 PSYPACT states.

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