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Angelica Shiels, Psy.D.

Dr. Shiels offers individual therapy for adults, teenagers, and children as well as couples therapy and group therapy.  She is also available for teletherapy for adults outside of the Baltimore-Annapolis-DC area. Therapy with Dr. Shiels can help address depression/other mood disorders, anxiety, phobias, panic, parenting, marital/couples problems, infidelity, addiction, ADHD, aggression/anger management, poor self esteem, codependency, problems related to bullying, social skills, divorce, grief and loss, changes in life, trauma, PTSD, low motivation, eating disorders, self injury, stress management, personality disorders, oppositional-defiance, academic stress and decline, attachment difficulties, and more.

Dr. Shiels' clinical style can be described as friendly, yet direct. Because she is a wife and parent (and yes, human being) herself, she is non-judgmental and empathic. However, she is also quick to hold people accountable in a light-hearted, yet honest way.  She practices supportive guidance, where she naturally validates current behaviors and choices before leading toward alternatives.


Her clinical approaches are flexible and catered to the particular needs of whoever is sitting on the therapy couch.  With individuals, she most often weaves ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) concepts into the conversation. With couples, she most-often uses Imago Relational Therapy along with Gottman principles.  With younger children, she tends to use play-therapy combined with attachment and cognitive-behavioral principles.

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