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Call: 410-919-4904 EXT. 2



Monette Goodridge, LGSW, Mediator

Approach to Mediation Practice

On The Same Page Mediation is dedicated to respectful resolution of Family conflict. My training and experience working within the family system makes me uniquely qualified in understanding family dynamics and allows for a fair and practical mediated agreement that will stand the test of "TIME". 


Professional Background

Monette is a licensed Social Worker with experience working with families in conflict.  She is on the Anne Arundel County Family Court roster for Child Access Mediation and the Prince Georges County Day of Trial Mediation roster. Monette is a trained Mediator in private practice working with families going through separation or divorce. And she works with couples whose relationship is at an impasse; combining her training in clinical therapy with her training and experience in the field of mediation.

Degrees and Associations

Monette received her BA in Psychology from Empire State College, and both her MSW in clinical social work and her advanced degree in conflict resolution from Syracuse University. She received her mediation training from Mediation Matters of Kensington, MD and PARCC of Syracuse University. Monette is a member of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR), The Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), and the National Association of Social Work (NASW). 

Monette truly believes that while critical times in our lives can be accompanied by struggle, stress and uncertainty, they do not have to be controlled by them.


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